table 1 (in the text) Transformation of the species scores to an octave scale (Gauch, 1977)
table 2 (in the text) The data were processed in three ways
table 3 Survey of the clusters and their ecological significances
table 4 Survey of the chemistry of the clusters
table 5 Survey of the analyses of variance of the chemical parameters
table 6 The distribution of the vegetation types over the various clusters
table 7 Survey of the most frequent occurring macrophytes
table 8 Structured table of the clustered desmid species
table 9

Number of occurences of a species in a cluster. Alphabetical list
act-cos.f | cos.g- cos.t | cos.t-sta.c |sta.c-xan |

table 10 Chemistry of the samples
table 11 Vegetation of the samples
table 12 Survey of the sampled sites
table 13 Abundance of the clustered species in the samples of the clusters
    cluster nr.: 1 2 3 4a+c, 4b 5